Another Justice: By Any Medium Necessary Billboards

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The Another Justice billboard project is the culmination of For Freedoms’ Another Justice: By Any Medium Necessary initiative, intended to prompt the For Freedoms community to envision a more just future.

This billboard project implicates a system: the justice system. In the United States, our carceral system poses as justice. We lead the world in imprisoning our own people at the highest rate globally. But is it really justice? Through billboards and digital artworks, we will compile a visual representation of the criminal legal system by those who have been implicated in it, mapping the interconnectivity of policy, people, and progress. By bringing together artists who have been impacted by the U.S. criminal justice system, we hope to spark both intimate and public conversations on what Another Justice could look like.

In this campaign, we invited system-impacted people to respond to our prompt: "Our call to you is to use your personal experiences to share your perspective on justice with a wider audience. Imagine the communities you’re in alignment with, those you’re in disagreement with, those you care for, those you hope to reach. What is your message?

How do you understand the dimensions of right and wrong? Do you believe in them? What, if any, is the role of private and public punishment? How does fear drive these processes and where does that leave love? We encourage you to reflect on these questions and use them to generate your own."

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