Anwulika Anigbo

You Talk Over a Beat


Columbus, OH

I work primarily with film photography and, more recently, archival images because the limitations of the media liberate me through the possibility of loss. Photography in some ways promises the possibility of the infinite yet the process of working with film and archive allows me to also encounter loss and error. My work is rooted in notions of home and memory because it is inspired by my desire/need to capture moments from my own experience of being bounded to domestic life as a young parent. The cropping and framing of experiences has allowed me to reflect my own experience back to myself and in doing so build a narrative of (young black single) motherhood true to my lived experience. "You Talk Over A Beat" is from a series of images inspired for the collective liberation experienced during the height of the pandemic when values shifted to home and rest especially as it relates to childhood which is so often the epicenter of aspirational memory.


Orange Barrel Media

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