Krystal Two Bulls of NDN Collective & Votan Henriquez

We hold the solutions


Rapid City, SD

This piece is focused on our traditional ways of protection and defense of our Nations. When going to war, our warriors &leaders are the first line of defense, then our younger men/warriors, the our women older to younger, and at the center are our elders and children. When we are in community this order is flipped. For example, when we eat, we serve our elderly and children first, then younger women to older women, then young men to older men, then if theirs food left, our leaders and warriors will eat. In having these practices, it is a reminder that we have the answers and solutions for our communities. We do not need a carceral state to incriminate our people. We need to reconnect. to our ways of life and culture.

Photograph by Tara Rose Weston
Photograph by Tara Rose Weston
Photograph by Tara Rose Weston


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