Anonymous incarcerated youth

Can you see me?


Chicago, IL

SkyART, Weinberg/Newton Gallery and Arts + Public Life present Can you see me?, an exhibition and programs by and about youth affected by the juvenile justice system, creating a dialogue between those inside and outside prison walls, where viewers can learn to see youth instead of criminals and begin to collectively heal through art. For youth involved in the juvenile justice system and the general public, art can be a powerful tool for processing and healing from trauma and creating dialogue through process and form. With a restorative justice lens, the exhibition aims to highlight youths’ humanity and voice, exploring the impact of incarceration on our communities and who has access to contemporary art spaces. Three simultaneous exhibitions and extensive public programming will bring together diverse stakeholders, artists and practitioners to create safe spaces where viewers and participants can acknowledge preconceived notions or biases and collaborate toward new ways of seeing and thinking about art. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact and contribute to the exhibition, and leave with a lasting impression of humanity instead of criminality, perseverance instead of violence, and hope instead of despair. The exhibition also aims to connect three communities on Chicago’s South, West and North sides in a dialogue about justice in Chicago and art’s role in healing individuals and building a more just and equitable future for our city.  

Photograph by Taisuke Yamada
Photograph by Taisuke Yamada
Photograph by Taisuke Yamada


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