Adam C Easterling

Write Our Wrongs


Washington DC

Write Our Wrongs (2022) is inspired by the duality of Justice and its subjectivity depending on who defines its meaning. The work poses two questions to the viewer, “Can Justice Right our Wrongs?” and “Will Justice Wrong our Rights?”. These questions, while seemingly simple and interchangeable, are meant to invoke a deep self-reflective dialogue in order to decipher their true meaning. In regards to criminality, Justice is understood to be an equalizer. Punishment by the law is utilized to create a balance towards an act of disobedience against the rules. But what about when those administering Justice do so unfairly? In America, too often have we learned of individuals that were punished by a *fair* court system for crimes they never committed. At the same time, the highest officials of the law are currently threatening to infringe upon women’s reproductive rights in the name of Justice. This equalizing force can become a questionable power when used against a peoples free will. By asking the viewer to reflect upon their own experiences, the billboard calls into question the subjectivity of morality itself.

Photograph by Taisuke Yamada
Photograph by Taisuke Yamada


Orange Barrel Media

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