Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya



Atlanta, GA

Seeding Hope' depicts an Asian woman against a clear blue sky. She is crying softly. From her tears, wildflowers bloom. Surrounded by bright petals bursting with life, she is a vision of hope.

I am a daughter of Atlanta, and since March 16, a heaviness has gripped my soul. I grew up not too far from where Hyun Jung Grant raised her sons. My parents still live in the area, and I worry even more for their safety. But this grief will not break me, and it won’t break us.

We will grieve openly because it is our right, because the violence against our community pierces our hearts, because in so many spaces our pain remains unseen, but we all know the unshakeable resilience of our people, from watching our immigrant parents make a life here, from knowing the history of violence against us as we were forced from our homes, interned in camps, beaten, shot, killed. We turn on the news and see more acts of hate against our Asian American siblings. We mourn the 6 Asian women and 8 souls who were killed in Atlanta in a twisted act of racism and misogyny: Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, Hyun Jung Grant, Suncha Kim, Soon Chung Park, Yong Ae Yue, Paul Andre Michels and Delaina Ashley Yaun

And yet, our hope still blooms. Because we know there’s still fight in us. That we will do everything in our power to leave things better for our children. Because this is America and we are Americans. Because we link arms with the allies who stand with us and amplify our voices. And because we still believe in our collective humanity, compassion and the potential to build a shared future together.

Hope blooms here. It is an act of resistance that we seed every single day.

Photograph by Connie Huang and Jonathan Fan
Photograph by Connie Huang and Jonathan Fan


Orange Barrel Media

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