Franceska Gamez



Sacramento, CA

“Laban” means “Fight”. Its in reference to the People Power Revolution (aka EDSA Revolution) in the Philippines, 1986. My Lola (grandmother) or as we called her, Nanay, was part of the resistance. Damasa “Daisy” Yamsuan fought alongside the people to restore democracy, end electoral fraud, terminate Marcos’ dictatorship and resist against militant violence. This is a portrait of her in the last few years before she passed. In every photo she took, even decades after the revolution, she still  threw up the “L” for “Laban”.  She immigrated to the US shortly after that, in search for better opportunities and hopes for a brighter future for her family.

She was the fiercest woman I’ve ever known. When I think about the recent violence and hate crimes against our AAPI community, I can’t help but think about my own elders. It brings me strength to know my Nanay’s story. When I see her photos, I hear her telling me to keep fighting for what’s right. I wanted to share my Nanay with the world, as a reminder that we are all one. Just as she did decades before- we’re fighting for our elders, our peers, our youth and future generations. Our solidarity is key to our liberation, key to dismantling and destroying the racism and hate that infects our communities. “Laban” means more than “Fight”, it’s a love letter.

Photograph by Andri Tambunan
Photograph by Andri Tambunan
Photograph by Andri Tambunan


Sacramento Kings

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