Andri Tambunan



Sacramento, CA

Graduation would normally be filled with excitement and bitter-sweet goodbyes and signaled a fresh start into the next phase of life. But with most of the social events and the graduation ceremony canceled, the graduating class of 2020 did not get to experience the final and memorable moments in the closing chapter and the recognition of an important milestone achieved. I wanted to photograph recent graduates wearing their cap and gown in front of a backdrop serving as a stage and surrounded by their close friends and family members.

Izamarie Cruz recently graduated from Newark Memorial High School. She is a second-generation Filipina-American, the first US-born child in her family to graduate from high school and attending college. She chose to be photographed at her Grandparents’ home because growing up she is a place where she is always surrounded with love.

This photo embodies her pride, confidence, heritage, and potential and symbolizes the hope and spirit of our immigrant parents who strive for a better life for their children in America.

Photograph by Andri Tambunan
Photograph by Andri Tambunan


Sacramento Kings

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