Hear Her Here — Listening Party

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The Hear Her Here (HHH) initiative, created by For Freedoms and supported by Converse, focuses on propelling more Black femme artists into spotlights, onto stages, and at the heads of tables, to make a transformative impact on the communities we share.

Black Discourse collaborated with the For Freedoms team to produce a one-minute hero video and sonic collage artifact that will be an extension of this initiative's work, and communicate the result of HHH's successful first year.

The content artifact honors, explains, and cements HHH's mission and intention: building Black femme creative futures and legacies. The artifact captures the fine artists, their murals, and cohort members in a visual story that communicates the principles and impact of the HHH initiative.

The Listening Party premiered BD's sonic collage artifact commissioned by For Freedoms for the larger public reveal of the Hear Her Here (HHH) initiative.

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