• How to Participate

    • We recognize the unique role that arts and artists play in shaping and shifting our values and systems of power. Through our willingness to take risks and question the rules that govern our society, artists can help us to think creatively about how we can move towards a more just and representative democracy.

    • We want to partner with you to take action in this important election year. Together, we can increase civic engagement in our communities and create a more resilient foundation for civic life.

    • Four Freedoms Photos Campaign

      As part of the 2018 50 State Initiative, For Freedoms launched a photo campaign that transformed Norman Rockwell’s iconic oil paintings depicting the four basic human freedoms articulated by FDR in 1941: freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. Through these dozens of photographic iterations of these images, we sought to reflect the immeasurable diversity of American identities today.

      We welcome the For Freedoms community to share the images on social media and print out posters to be put up in your local communities as a way to inspire reflection and unity.

      • Code of Ethics

      • For Freedoms wants to make creativity an American value. We want citizenship to be defined by the creative use of one’s voice, one’s body, one’s mind, and ultimately one’s vote. We want people to shape the cultural systems that shape their lives — politics, art, advertising, civic life — by participating in them, rethinking them, and hacking them.

        We also want to be kind to one another, especially when we disagree.

        Participation in the For Freedoms’ programs is subject to the observance of the organization’s Code of Ethics:

        We are inclusive.
        We stand up for each other.
        We talk to people’s faces, not behind their backs.
        We are anti-violence. We are anti-partisan.
        We trust each other to go places we don’t know.
        We build.

        We think critically.

        We are for freedoms and for each other.