Everett, WA

The central figure has just returned from going into a trance which often has been depicted with eyes rolling back into the head. The figure is facing forward with new overstanding/ understanding/ direction of what to do next. The tongue is extended down into the words “LAND BACK” graffitied on the top half of a tínaa or copper shield which is a symbol of great wealth along the PNW coast. The hands of the visionary/medicine person are positioned in a way to emphasize newly attained sight. The two crest birds on the outsides of the central figure are multi-colored eagles. One of my teachers Marvin Oliver always encouraged using different orders and different use of colors in his pieces. The turquoise/ blue is used here to emphasize the oxidized copper pigment which was used to adorn our carvings etc. The forms and shapes are true to the traditional written language used by my mothers and grandmothers ancestors. Yéi áwé! Haa shuká toonáx̲ haa yatee! Has du łatseen haa tuyéi yatee á! Łdak̲át át yee tuyéi yatee! Yee gu.aa yáx̲ x’wán aan yatx’u saani!

Photograph by Kiliii Yuan
Photograph by Kiliii Yuan
Photograph by Kiliii Yuan

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NDN Collective & INDÍGENA

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