River Whittle

the land needs its people


Alamogordo, NM

This billboard is up in Apache territory, so first and foremost, Land Back in this area is about them. I wanted to make something that would remind non-Natives that the land really does need its people. In this case, Apache Land needs Apache People. And everyone else needs to support Apache efforts to steward the land. I wanted to remind people that the land is its own being, which is why I created the work from clay. Clay is the earth allowing us to mold it, allowing us to tell its messages. I hope the that settlers hear the whispers of the ancient face that demand they give their land to Apache people and join forces with them to defy colonial rule. For contacting the tribe, people can go to: https://mescaleroapachetribe.com/

Photograph by Roberto E. Rosales
Photograph by Roberto E. Rosales
Photograph by Roberto E. Rosales

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