Que florezca la luz


Tlalnepantla de Baz, MX

We wanted to be very intentional with this piece, and ensure that we elevated a message that held a deep acknowledgment of the many distinct voices, languages and communities of Indigenous people in Mexico. The message “que florezca la luz de los pueblos originarios” is a vision for the collective illumination of the futures of all Indigenous peoples, beyond colonial borders.The languages we were able to translate the message into represent a fraction of the richness and diversity of Indigenous identities that continue to resist and thrive to this day. As we reclaim public spaces with Indigenous voices, art and stories, we want to ensure that we do so in a way that challenges the monolithic view of indigeneity imposed by settler states and mainstream media, by lifting more voices of frontline communities. 

Photograph by Anaid De La Riva
Photograph by Anaid De La Riva
Photograph by Anaid De La Riva

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NDN Collective & INDÍGENA

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