School of Lived Experience (SOLE)

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The School of Lived Experience is an artist created renewal space. We make content that cultivates aliveness and compassion in our everyday lives. It was created by Michelle Woo, Co-Founder of For Freedoms, and Tony Patrick, Artist and Worldbuilder.

For SOLE’s first public offering, Michelle Woo and Tony Patrick teamed up with Artist/Visionaries Micheline Pierrette Berry and Miguel Rivera to create SOLEFUL, an immersive podcast exploring the intersection of spirituality, art, and lived experience through story-telling and conversation. It is intended for anyone who is looking to learn about meditation and mindfulness, as well as how to integrate it into their everyday lives.

SOLEFUL is spotlighted in SOLE Meditation Booth as part of the exhibition, Listen Until We Hear (May 5 - October 22, 2023), curated by For Freedoms at Fotografiska.

Listen to SOLEFUL on Spotify.

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More coming soon...