We Believe

We are frustrated with a system in which money, divisiveness, and a general lack of truth-telling have stifled complex conversation. We advocate for candidates from both parties who promote a genuine exchange of ideas, bolster all voices across the socioeconomic spectrum, approach politics as a form of service, and demonstrate a sincere desire to make the political process more honest and inclusive.

We believe that artists, and art, have the power to affect real and positive change, and play an important role in galvanizing our society to do better. Our medium for this project is American democracy, and our mission is to support the effort to reshape it into a more transparent and representative form.

As the first artist-run super PAC, For Freedoms uses art to inspire deeper political engagement for citizens who want to have a greater impact on the American political landscape. Founded by Hank Willis Thomas and Eric Gottesman, For Freedoms encourages new forms of critical discourse surrounding the upcoming 2016 presidential election, raises awareness about the impact of money on our political system, and examines the notion of “freedom” in the twin contexts of art and politics.